• A man sitting in the drivers seat of a car holding onto a box.

    Matthew C. – Master Carpenter/CEO of Matvey Foundation Repair Inc.

    • Host of foundation nation podcast, hard working Washingtonian. Born and raised in Seattle and excited and passionate about Seattle's Tiny Houses llc. A collaboration effort of many completed LEAF 1.0 and LEAF 1.5 models. His passion to build high quality tiny homes to help families and communities is amazing.

  • A man standing next to a blue and white truck.

    William C. – Master Painter

    • Our in house artisan painter with over 30 years of experience. He will be sure to add any creative touches that you might need and always working with a smile.

  • A man with long hair and beard in front of trees.

    Donnie B. – Lead Carpenter

    • Our master carpenter with over 30 years of carpentry experience. He will dazzle you with his skills and humble nature.

  • A lego man is shown in black and white.

    Carlos S and Manuel S. – our brother duo

    • These brothers have exceptional framing, roofing and siding experience with skill and speed. You can always count on this brother team to show up and work long days with a smile.